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Upcomming serie!

2007-08-25 16:54:28 by MrGlad

Howdy!!! Finaly got the voice actor i needed to keep the production rooling :) So i decided to make a background of that char and post it as a wallpaper here on ng. This is one of the main char of the upcomming serie Soul Bind, no release date have been comfirmed yet but im still aiming for chrismass.
This is a Mid-futurist-fantasy history based serie.

WallPaper 1280x1024

Other than that, Ray got his tablet ( ZOMG FINALY!! ) (Ray's the co-animator) so it might speed up the production a bit :P . Also we're looking for a main theme song so if any of you got a band to promote here's your chance, the song must be around one minute and will be difused evry episode of the first season.


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2007-08-25 17:23:56

Looks pretty good.

MrGlad responds:

Im not very good at photoshop but thx annyway :P We're putting alot of hard work into this serie and we have great expectation. I cant wait to launch it on the portal already :P. I will display further news on the front page, New wallpaper comming soon for another of the character.


2007-08-25 18:41:41

What kind of music did you have in mind for the theme song?

MrGlad responds:

Nothing specific, i want to let the larger space possible for the artist so he can feathure is own music. I dont them to make the music i want to ear. However, i must set the line between what i will accept and reject.
- Must be around 1 minute, 2:30 Max ( i dont want to annoy people :P )
- No scream or at least not durring the whole song, I dont mind if its alternative metal, this is still a theme song so keep in mind that not evryone like that kind of music.
- No Racist lyrics or anything like that.

That's pretty mutch of it! If you are interested dont hesitate to send me a pm!


2007-08-25 19:33:17

That image looks great,
what style animation will it be?

MrGlad responds:

Me and ray both have graphic tablet so expect to see lots of flashy fbf animation, combat scenes and a great story. Style... .I would say im more drawing manga and ray is more into realistic drawing so the mix of both of our style make a brand new kind of style.


2007-08-25 22:33:17

It looks good. But don't set a release date because you'll end up rushing to keep it

MrGlad responds:

You probably right, even so if im late it might end up doing like the so great sony compagnie ( XD ) And pushing the release date further ( Zomg!! ) But mainly its just a general idea and a kick in the ass to push me foward in the production. There's no cure to lazyness but a it help :P. For rushing it, i would say that i will never submit it until its not perfect. Not perfect in my own mind but in evryone else's mind too. Im trying to keep on improving the quality of both the art and the animation. That's a hard thing to do and i might look like someone who claim more than he actualy sounds like, but i know both me and ray are able to deliver a more than good animation on newground till chrismass.


2008-03-29 22:21:52

awesome girl
cool images


2008-03-31 19:49:45

Your frame by frame in the Hanging Collab was really awesome. Nice work.