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Soul Bind

2007-08-25 16:52:02 by MrGlad

Howdy!!! Finaly got the voice actor i needed to keep the production rooling :) So i decided to make a background of that char and post it as a wallpaper here on ng. This is one of the main char of the upcomming serie Soul Bind, no release date have been comfirmed yet but im still aiming for chrismass.
This is a Mid-futurist-fantasy history based serie.

WallPaper 1280x1024

Other than that, Ray got his tablet ( ZOMG FINALY!! ) (Ray's the co-animator) so it might speed up the production a bit :P . Also we're looking for a main theme song so if any of you got a band to promote here's your chance, the song must be around one minute and will be difused evry episode of the first season.


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